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Services Offered

  • Special Master/Parenting Coordinator cases - Superior Court Special Master Expert Panel

  • Collaborative Mediation/Divorce Coach/Child Specialist—respectful divorce without going to court

  • Confidential and Non-Confidential Private Mediation—move-away cases, alienation, abuse issues, high and low conflict issues, parenting plans, etc.

  • Court Ordered FC 3111 Child Custody Evaluations

  • Court Ordered Reunification/Reintroduction Therapy

  • Co-Parenting Counseling—Shared Parenting Support Program-certified, will customize other co-parenting programs as needed

  • Parenting Consultations—therapeutic support, case management and consultation for parents or single parents related to family problems, parent coaching, setting up child discipline plans, and other issues related to healthy family functioning

  • Psychotherapy with children, teens, couples, individuals, pre-marital, pre- and post-divorce, abuse issues, special developmental needs of children and families, etc.

  • Therapeutic work with war veterans and their families (personally served two tours in Vietnam)

  • Court Ordered Standard Supervised Visitation—on and off site

  • Court Ordered Therapeutic Supervised Visitation—on and off site

  • Confidential Consultations

  • Bonding Assessments


Tim Rood, M.A., L.M.F.T.
Voice mail: 916.492.6246 || Cell: 916.804.7334